The 5 most asked questions about FuelMe's meal delivery

Whether you are curious to place your first order or have been ordering but are not sure about certain information, we want to provide you with all necessary information to to keep you fully informed. That is why we collected and answered the most common questions we receive about our meal delivery and we hope they're useful to you too. We aim to inform you every step of the way so that you ultimately love your FuelMe experience.

1. How long does the food stay good?

The food stays good up to 3 days after delivery. Meals you receive on Tuesday are good to eat before Saturday, while meals delivered on Thursday are good to eat before Monday. The meals are delivered cooled, not frozen.

2. "Oh no, I missed the order deadline! Can I still order meals?"

If the delivery days (Tuesday and Thursday) are still visible on the weekly menu page after the order deadlines have passed (Sunday 6 PM for Tuesday deliveries and Tuesday 11 AM for Thursday deliveries), you can still place your order for those delivery days. 

We manually adjust the delivery dates on Sundays and upload the new weekly menu on Tuesday, so it is possible there is some delay which gives you a chance to place a late order which we can still accept for the upcoming delivery day.

3. Do you deliver in city "X" and at what time can I expect my delivery?

We currently deliver in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

Estimated delivery times can be found here. We also added an evening delivery option so you can receive deliveries between 17:00 and 20:00. When making your order, select "Daytime delivery" or "Evening delivery" in the list of delivery options. If you have doubts or are not certain if the delivery times will work for you, get in touch and we can answer your questions.

We hire our own delivery drivers, whom communicate clearly with your during the day of the delivery in case there is an issue.

4. Can I pay with lunch vouchers?

Yes, you can - find all the info here.

5. I want to take a subscription but can I skip delivery weeks if needed?

Yes, you can. Once the subscription is created, you can easily skip delivery weeks in your account. Even if a payment would go through, you can let us know before Sunday 6 PM if you do not want to receive meals that week. We either then do a refund or let the earlier payment cover one of the upcoming delivery weeks. We will not charge you and not deliver meals.

If you take a monthly or 3-monthly subscription, you can let us know by email if there would be a week you do not want to receive meals. We then manually push the payment date back accordingly.

Do you have any more questions or doubts? Check our FAQ page or no do not hesitate to get in touch.

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