Meal Total: 65.84 €
(9.41 € / per meal)

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What size would you like your meal to be?

  • S 400-500g
  • M 500-600g
  • XL 600-700g

The sizes follow in general the following ingredient division:
S: 100g carbs, 100g vegetables, 120g protein, 50g sauce
M: 150g carbs, 150g vegetables, 150g protein, 100g sauce
XL: 150g carbs, 150g vegetables, 250-300g protein, 150g sauce

Delivery method

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Pickup Free
Delivery 4.90 €

Delivery to a pick-up point is free. For home delivery, delivery is €4,90 for orders under €80. You can divide your order over both delivery days.

Ilmainen kotiinkuljetus yli 80 € tilauksille.

Mikä päivänä haluaisit ateriasi toimitettavan?

  • Maanantai
  • Keskiviikko
  • Monday /

You can divide your meals over both delivery days. This setting is followed if you would happen to forget to select and submit your preferred meals.

The actual delivery days can be chosen when you are submitting your preferred meals. You can submit your preferred meals after creating your subscription. After creating the subscription, login to your account and go "select subscription meals" to choose your meal.

Check this video to see how to select your subscription meals

Kuinka usein haluat veloituksen?

1 viikko (-5%), 1 kuukausi (-10%), 3 kuukautta (-15%)

  • 1 Week
  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months

You can pause and skip delivery weeks as you like in your account.

If you would like to commit for a longer period (6 months or 1 year), get in touch for an offer.


Meal Total: 65.84 €
(9.41 € / per meal)

Delivery total: 0.00 €
Ostoskorin saldo 65.84 €